At Islamic Relief, we work with a wide range of mosques, schools, community centres and institutions to stronger, more impactful networks.

Here are just a handful of the many volunteering networks, mosques and organisations who’ve helped us to save lives.

Indian Muslim Welfare Society

In 2017, The Indian Muslim Welfare Society (IMWS) donated £100,850 to fund the following appeals in times of crisis:

  • Myanmar (£46,600)
  • Grenfell (£5,750)
  • East Africa (£48,500)

Birmingham Central Mosque

To help us provide food packs to families in Myanmar, Birmingham Central Mosque fundraised a fantastic £25,000.

Leicester Islamic Academy (LIA)

LIA helped us to continue work in a range of countries last year, offering a staggering £48,151 to fund our work in East Africa (£16,115) and various projects in Syria, Palestine and Myanmar (£32,035).


Majlis A-Falah Trust UK

The Majlis Al-Falah Trust UK contributed £125,000 towards our work in Somalia, funding a borehole in Somaliland and providing food packs for families in need during the East Africa Crisis.

Raise for Life

During the devastating Yemen cholera emergency, Raise for Life contributed an amazing £42,228 to help our emergency response on the ground.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to these organisations and our full network of community partners across the UK. Your support is helping us to continue our work and save lives worldwide. Thank you!

If you’re feeling inspired, why not join us and become one of our newest community partners? Whether you’re a mosque, community centre or even a small group of enthusiastic friends, each and every one of you can make a big difference to people in need across the globe.

Contact a member of our dedicated team at: to start your fundraising today. To find out more about our lifesaving work, visit our appeals page.

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