Food for Syrians and Palestinians

Distributing Ramadan food packs is a major programme for Islamic Relief, reflecting the passionate commitment our donors have to the principle of sharing food with Muslims and non-Muslims in need in this most blessed of months.

The Prophet (PBUH) also said: “He does not truly believe who eats his fill while his neighbour remains hungry by his side” (Bayhaqi).

With the immense reward associated with the act of giving and feeding in mind, Islamic Relief asked you to donate towards our Ramadan food distribution programme.

As part of a wider global response, you, our UK supporters, gave over £800,000 for food distribution projects in 31 countries benefiting 30,000 households, SubhanAllah!

Islamic Relief’s global food distribution during Ramadan reached 235,043 households, that is 1,252,191 people benefiting around the world, SubhanAllah.

In the letters we sent, we asked you to give generously to our food distributions specifically in Syria and Palestine. Because of your generous response, we were able to distribute 3,500 food packs in these countries (2,000 in Syria and 1,500 in Palestine).

Here are some images from these food distributions.

Ramadan 2016: Food Distribution in Palestine and Syria

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