Environment and Climate Change

 Policy_Climate_Feeling_Heat_ThumbFeeling the HeatAs climate change bites, natural disasters such as floods, drought and tropical storms are becoming more frequent and severe. The people paying the heaviest price are the world’s poorest communities, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.
 Policy_Climate_Grrening_Desert_ThumbGreening the Desert: Water Solutions for West AfricaThis report shows us that there is hope for the people of West Africa. In a region where drought and famine are becoming a bigger danger with each passing year, we need to be looking to the future and thinking of long-term solutions that can tackle climate change
 Policy_Climate_Chad_Assessment_ThumbEnvironmental Impact Assessment in Chad

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report is imperative to analysing and assessing the positive and negative impacts that proposed projects and programmes may have on the environment, economy and society.

 Policy_Climate_Pakistan_Audit_ThumbClimate Change Audit of Programmes in PakistanThe situation in Pakistan with regards to climate change is one that needs urgent attention. Islamic Relief has been working in Pakistan and other developing countries towards providing sustainable economic and social development in rural communities.
 Policy_Climate_Programme_Planning_ThumbClimate Change Programme PlanningAn Environmental Impact Assessment is integral to a project, particularly large ones. It is a tool utilised to identify and predict the impact of a project or programme on the economy, society and the environment.
Climate Change Adaptation in KPKClimate change is the defining human development challenge of our time. It threatens to stall poverty reduction and hard-earned progress made in achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
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